What is V-Steaming?

V-steaming, also identified as vaginal steaming, or yoni steaming, is a women’s

alternative health treatment where one sits or squats over steaming water. At times that water contains herbs like basil, wormwood, rosemary, and mugwort. The steam’s warmth is meant to open and soften the vulvar and vaginal skin pores for the herbs to be absorbed into the uterus and skin to impart medicinal effects. There are several benefits of v-steaming. It has been used for multiple purposes but normally used to get rid of undesirable symptoms linked to the menstrual period like exhaustion, bloating, heavy menstrual flow, cramps, and irregular periods. Moreover, vaginal steaming has been used to eliminate menopause symptoms, increase fertility, and promote a woman’s healing after giving birth. Some other purported benefits include treatment of depression, stress, fatigue, hemorrhoids, and headaches.